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This company failed to comply with their promise. It is a complete RIP-OFF to do any business with them.

They are unwilling to do any revisions and they WILL not give you your money thought they did not answer to the question. I was specific and detailed in my request. They supposed to write six topics in six pages, instead they wrote two topics in eight pages. When I asked for rewrite they did not reply to my request.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY in dealing with this company. I have failed for a dispute with the financial institution that I made payment for me to collect my money back. I coultn't even reached anybody to discuss the issue. I am so upset about this because all they had to do was write to rewrite the paper.

Their facts were totally off, there were so many typos that the paper did not read in a coherent manner.

This has been the absolute worse expereince I have ever had. It is my biggest regret.

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Same here and I would like to get all of us together and find a way to shut them down.

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